走過2009 不確定的年代– 回顧、慶頌…準備2010! 會議紀錄 Reflect, Rejuvenate & Celebrate Your Year of Uncertainty! Meeting Report

親愛的朋友,2009已近尾聲。2009年全球發生很多意想不到的事件,台灣有自己的驕傲與災難,想必您個人也有值得慶頌與省思的事情。 我們創造一個時間與空間,邀請您一起來集體對話 回顧您一年的事件、慶頌生命中的學習與心得,並為2010儲備能量。
December is a month of reflection and celebration of a year thriving on uncertainty! Join a time and space together to for energizing & concluding 2009. All are invited to attend!

活動 Program:
能量回春練習 Energy Rejuvination Meditation* – Warren Carey, Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher
奇蹟之牆-集體回顧2009 Wall of Wonder – Jorie Wu
蔬食抗暖化 Vegetarian Lunch
用你的創意特長回顧、慶頌2009, 迎接2010… – Keli Yen

In this Open Space meeting you are welcome to initiate whatever activity or service that expresses your celebration, reflection and healing about the past and coming year.

  • Meditative exercises to release unwanted baggage & free up your creative & intuitive ‘juices’.
  • Simple yet powerful Qi Gong movements to bring out your smile & breathing ~ physically, emotionally & mentally…
  • Chakra cleansing: The chakras are our emotional centers and get a bit clogged with ‘life’… to clean & energize them will invite everyone to higher possibilities and creativity.
  • At the end of this session you will surely be in a different space from when you first arrived, and I believe, feeling very comfortable in the presence of each other!

時間 When: 12/6/2009 10:00-16:00
地點 Where: 士林公民會館,臺北市士林區大東路75號1F中庭 (近士林捷運站2號出口) 看地圖請點這裡 ‘Shihlin Assembly Center’; 1F Lobby, No.75, Da-Tong Rd (near Shilin MRT station)
費用 Fee: free! 自由樂捐 donations welcome
主辦單位 Host: 朝邦文教基金會 CP Yen Foundation
報名 RSVP: Email 至 keli@cpyen.org 或 活動網頁: http://www.pingg.com/rsvp/h5zhi8k3vb57ak84m
歡迎你邀請親朋好友參加!! You are welcome to bring your friends and Family!

Event Review:

Arriving at the last month of year 2009, time provokes us to glance back and ruminate on the distance we’ve traveled; the events we’ve pulled ourselves through, the successes, the turning points, the transformations that evolution cradles in.

As the indefatigable force of time continues to propel us forward, it’s worthwhile to give ourselves a moment, an afternoon at least, to congratulate ourselves -to sit and think- and even talk with others about what has just happened. Today’s activity was for this sole purpose.

Beginning with a meditation led by Warren Carey, we focused our mind and energy on the present moment and rekindled our intuition through “Qi”-based exercises. Next, Jorie Wu invited us all to construct a “wall of wonder”, a tool that can use with oneself, one’s family or community/company. In this instance each person wrote down key events that highlight 2009 for him/her. These slips of paper were then categorized into the domains of World, Taiwan and Personal. In assembling each or individual memories we constructed our collective memory and interesting patterns emerged. Names of environmental disasters peppered the wall, along with notes on turning points in the passing of life such as graduation, sickness, wellness, the coming apart and coming together phenomena of life. From this bird’s eye view we could better perceive the patterns of connection, the “ripple effect”, and two profound insights emerged: “be more mindful!” and “there is always a way to help”.

Lunch was a popular highlight of the day with a delicious catering service by Snuggles (台北市士林區士東路95號2樓, 111) filling our bellies with warm pumpkin soup, hearty servings of pesto barley casserole, lasagna, curry noodles and carrot cake to top it off. As we digested the veggie grub, we entered into the final act of the day: an open space meeting on the theme “reflect and celebrate your year of uncertainty”. Six topics emerged and small group discussions unfolded around conversations that matter to the participants present.

In closing Warren Carey led us once again into a blissful state of mind, fluffing our energy fields with his didgeridoo, and connecting us as a family circle – at ease and in appreciation of one another.

The CP Yen Foundation’s intention for holding this event is simply to create the space for this type of reflection, healing and celebration of all we have lived through this past year. Each participant in today’s event can be a ripple maker in passing forward the day’s energy and insights to others. If interested participants are encouraged to apply the event process with family, community, organization and company. The take-aways of the day are both individual and collective, while personally I feel centered and motivated to continue on into 2010 and thrive on the uncertainties ahead!


o World Economic Crisis
o Micro-fund & Micro-loans


o Michael Jackson died.


o Xin Jiang Riots
o China human rights issues


o Madoff Convictiono Saddened by corruption in the world
o Flooding in America
o Age of Stupid
o Typhoons: Ondoy/Ketsana & Morakot & Philipines (x4)


o Flooding in South Indiao Love earth more
o HOME project film


o James Lilly death
o Flooding in the U.K.
o Obama visits China
o Yankees win the world series!


o Love friends more.



o Living in Taichung & Temple Life
o Social Enterpreneur


o International conference on New Employment Policy “Green Job” Taipei.
o Flossy dies of old age. She gave up.
o Maokong lift stops


o Typhoon Morakot
o Surgery for Manav
o A lot of discussion on “ECFA”
o Wu Mountain warehouse rebuilt


o Dalai Lama’s visit to Taiwan
o Change of Taiwan’s Premier
o Deaflympics
o World Games in Kaohsiung
o Artists beat the flood
o Typhoon disasters


o World Animal Day
o Poisoned Rice
o Obama China visit & Rejection of Dalai Lama Meeting
o No. 4 Science Park opens


o VII Project (vehicle Infrastructural Integration)
o Poisoned Duck Egg 毒鴨蛋
o TedxTaipei Conference


o Mayday Concert 五月天音樂會
o County government elections.



o QK Lawsuit
o Anguish of going to university.
o Volunteer work in Yunnan
o Separation
o “When Time Stops” (a movie)
o Coming to Taipei Hostel.
o Feeling lost in the journey of life.
o New House in Xin Zhu
o Resumed Working (part-time)
o Meet my girlfriend
o Volunteer Experience & travel in India (1/28-2/8, 8/17-8/30)
o Despair


o Change in internal structure of my organization.
o Visit Taiwan.
o Trip to America
o LION Christian
o Learn to love, harmonize share, cooperate.
o Let go of anger
o Enjoy whatever you have at every moment.

o APGN involvement
o Participate in ”Thriving on Uncertainty” topics
o Lost speech contest
o Got an article published
o Health Improved
o BQ Organizational building
o KLIM recovery. Campaign achieved!!
o My daughter comes back to stay.


o LMIo Recovery
o Published another article.


o Became sick
o Change of career
o Recovery
o Graduation Ceremonyo My son graduates.


o Forgiveness
o Decided to stay in Taiwan for another year.


o Culture experience with Korean.
o Love wife more.
o Making many friends in Taipei.
o My father’s new joyrney beginso Meeting good people in Taiwan.


o D.G. Custom’s crisis
o Keesha’s passing.
o Heavy sickness
o Quit my job.o Watched HOME.


o Get involved in Kiva.o Better husband
o Won contest.
o Culture experience with Japanese.
o Cycling around the island


o Finished coaching program finally
o Great awakenings & sleep of illusion
o Meeting Hong Kong sisters & Elsie.


• Bring more awareness around environmental issues.
• Enterprise, Global Scale change. Wather. Global warming.
• Individual more conscious about consumption habits → we can make a difference.
• Our financial …
• Everything is connected…. Ripple effect.
• Be more mindful!!
• There is always a way to help (Kiva)

Open Space Meetings:

Topic Number: A1
Topic: Energy Fields
Convener: Roma
Participants: Roma Mehta, Warren Carey, George Yen, Steve Huang, Andy, Maryn, Jorie Wu, Darren


  • Warren: Collective mind – mind space/psychic violence. On an emphatic level. What does it do to your mind?
  • George: Feng Shui – energy fields.
  • Jorie: Elements give positive sunshine – open space – comfort feeling – some up and some drain .
  • Danny: Visible & Invisible – spiritual energy – we have guardian angels – people watching us – harmony – learn to be a conduit. For helping others – for good – positivism.
  • How people communicate with others – lack of energy/full of energy – we have same style – love/lacking love – love me back – I have lots of love to give – more positive.
  • Jorie : Energy field – Power/Force – hate – energy low – love is higher .
  • George: Talk to more people I don’t know – resonance – some conversatins click – philosophical values check – concrete connection – common likes.
  • Positive and negative energies – no electrical current. Spirituality – powerful science. Ultimate you can become like ultimate you. Most humble before god.
  • Get and cared – celebrate and be lifted on a high.
  • Emotional: Energey – new space – Give up – maturity- transformation – electrical energy – sparks?
  • Ball of energy – collective memory – divine light to the energy between.
  • Muscle check.

Topic Number: A2
Topic: Motivating Others
Convenor: Cameron

Participants: Bobby Yen, Francis Morris, Cameron Chow

  • Motivation comes from within
  • Understand other’s position (reasons behind what motivates them)
  • “Spin”→ realism → honesty
  • Selfishness: more selfish nowadays. Work around it.
  • Listen more.
  • Technology → communication – sending a message → crowding.

Topic Number: A3
Topic: Emotions
Convenor: Amanda Hu
Participants:Vincent, Elsee

  • To prevent our emotion from becoming “aroused”.
  • Discover these emotional levels
  • Empathy, withdraw the situation.
  • Discover my emotional level
  • Pause & think & put down my ego.
  • Control my emotions.
  • Reframe. How important it is. Thinking with higher viewpoints.
  • Shopping – not that attracted to material. Regret that I don’t like it very much, not necessary, I can go without.

Topic Number: B1
Topic: Share Your Personal Achievement/Breakthrough & Compassion
Convenor: Jorie
Participants: Maryn, Francis, Roma.

  • Francis: Marriage is a constant journey. You both have to be open. Get to know each other, not afraid to share. Know myself And wife better.
  • Went deeper for soul searching beyond content. Constant monitoring one’s behavior on self discovery.
  • Maryn: To be mindful, mindful for yourself & others. It’s easy to forget we are in this place with others; we are at other place & forget the surroundings. Be mindful “here & now”, “be present”.
  • Jorie: Breakthrough on managing physical challenges happened this year.
  • Roma: Incredible year, huge opportunity for introspection. Reflection.
  • Be awake to it, observe, non-judgement. Things escalated for me in the summer. Father passed away which made her “wake up” and “grow up”
  • Still keep learning from her father’s life; he was a great mentor.
  • Took for granted those wonderful learning’s while we was around & now realized the deeper & wider ripple effect.
  • Francis: compassion – the world needs more.
  • Maryn: We think of the limitations and prevent us from being more compassionate. The typhoons this year. Workers in Taiwan who don’t have much but give out a lot to typhoon victims. The world is still full of people with compassion.
  • Roma: Kiva might not be a good example, yet it’s an easier way . It takes a big heart to give: The Dalai Lama is a figure of “compassion”. Non-judgment, non conditional, respect to all.

Thank you everyone for your participation in this day’s event. May you be refreshed and ready to leap into the unkowns of 2010!



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