International Association of Facilitators Asia Conference follow-up

You are Welcome to visit the following links of photo during the conference.

These snapshots will remind you the learning and sharing trip in Taipei. Look forward to meeting you again in Korea!

lthough the conference was ended last week, the new learning journey just is to begin. We hope you are all doing well with your work & life.

We are glad to have brought back the community outreach program in the 12th IAF-Asia conference. This was an initiative for many years in the IAF but had fallen out of practice until now with the global committee’s relaunching of the effort – we are glad to have made it happen in Asia.

This year 4 projects were submitted, including:

“Reacting Out to The Community” by Facilitators Network Singapore
“Facilitation for Peace and Development in Southern Thailand” by Jost Wanger
“Organization Development and Capacity Building in Vietnan” by Shih-Ning HanReacting Out to The Community” by Facilitators Network Singapore
“Imagine Taiwan” by C.P. Yen Foundation

Each showed how facilitation was used to enhance local resources and skills. The award, a Asus notebook was given to the CP Yen Foundation. The Foundation’s Executive Director, Jorie Wu, donated the award to Jost Wagner-“Facilitation for Peace and Development in Southern Thailand”, the second place winner in support of his team’s good work in building a better community both in Thailand and beyond.

We are thankful for the many participants who generously donated to the fundraising auction due to devastating typhoon Morakot. The total amount of funds is NT$47,020. It will be used to print the GFSC Disaster Intervention Manuals for the facilitators, helpers, local practitioner and citizens to help them recover sooner from the disaster.

The conference was an opportunity to introduce the Global Facilitation Service Corps (GFSC) to Conference delegates. Dr. Gil Brenson and Mr. Tim Karpoff rose early in the morning to be on video conference with us. Despite the technical disruption, we managed to learn about the GFSC. Please visit the website at (Here) for PowerPoint presentation of the conference talk. Plans for providing ongoing facilitator support to victims typhoon Morakot as well as bringing the GFSC to Taiwan are currently under discussion. Meanwhile, please email us where you think there is a need for facilitation service work around the globe and ideas regarding where facilitators can help in relief work.

To learn more about IAF, please visit
To learn more about GFSC, please visit
Thanks for all of your goodwill for helping community and outreaching the facilitation to the places that are needed.

With respects,
2009 IAF Asia Conference Organization Team


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