World Cafe Dialogue Introduction

Juanita Brown and David Isaacs created the World Cafe workshops to evoke collective intelligence and link it to effective action. They host these “conversations about questions that matter" around the world.

Mike Garibaldi Frick invited them to host a World Cafe at his loft with friends and family to discuss the meaning and possibilities for personal dialogue.

In this video Juanita Brown comments on the 6 principles that support the holding of conversations that matter, they are:

  1. Set the context
  2. Create hospitable space
  3. Explore questions that matter
  4. Listen together for patterns, insights or deeper questions
  5. Honor everyone’s contribution
  6. Make collective knowledge visible

The outcome of such conversations is new learning and new paths forward. Emergent opportunities that people would never have imagined when the conversation began. So World Cafe is designed so that new relationships can be formed enabling sparks of insight.
…It is through language that we create meaning together and construct the world as we know it. Conversations are the highway upon which the entire rest of our lives together rides. Our biggest hope is that people begin to see how fundamental and important this process of dialgoue and “meaning making" is for us as a human species to take ourselves to the next level of possibility. Whether it be in the resolution of conflicts, it’s the most fundamental process that we have as humans for creating the future together."

This video is part of the DVD extras on the Dialogue Documentary DVD.
More information on the Dialogue documentary:
More information on the World Cafe:


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