“Green" Is All about Walking the Talk! Demonstration of A Green, Low Carbon and Environmentally Friendly Conference

Among the invited are Environmentalists from all 5 continents and domestic and foreign NPOs. The symposium not only provides a platform for participants to debate and brainstorm on the much concerned environmental issues in the Asia Pacific region, but also aims to achieve a resource-saving and environmentally friendly result in all aspects through the collaboration with Taiwan’s non-profit groups and businesses, whereby first ever green low carbon symposium was made possible. We believe that “green" is more than lip service; it is environmental education through actual implementation.

Unlike traditional grand-scale conferences where lots of gifts and documents are distributed to meeting participants, resulting in waste of resources; this green congress is designed in a way that unnecessary use of paper and non-biodegradable products are kept to minimum. Should making copies is required, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper is used to ensure that paper is from accountable and well managed source. Furthermore, participants are gifted with tailor-made organic cotton handkerchiefs which not only have commemorative value, but also serve the purpose of reducing the consumption of paper products.

In an effort to curb the excessive amount of garbage generated by disposable utensils, reusable bamboo cups made of natural material which also make perfect souvenirs for foreign guests are handed out to participants.

Making sure the food source and its preparation for as many as 300 people are environmentally sound is an arduous task. The organizing committee works in collaboration with a number of NPOs and social enterprises (list is attached at the bottom) to supply local non-toxic and seasonal produce in an attempt to cut down superfluous packaging and the carbon emission incurred during transport. A compost box and edible landscaping plants by the organizing committee and Environmental Education Studio of Earth Travelers" based principally on “Permaculture" (see note) design are staged on the lawn outside the convention center as a demonstration for environmental education geared to teach people how to take advantage of local natural resources in meeting the human needs.https://static.ning.com/socialnetworkmain/widgets/index/logo.gif); background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: white; background-position: 100% 0%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; “>
On the transport front, the Taipei City Government is sponsoring the symposium with 20 bikes through its “YouBike" program during the conference. Tianmu-based cultural and historical group “Cao Shan Culture and History Studio" also provides hundreds of free eco-friendly bags to minimize burdening the environment.Providers of organic produce consumed during the conference:

  • Association of Taiwan Indigenous People’s College – pesticide-free vegetables
  • Tucheng natural farm – pesticide-free vegetables
  • Hopemarket – preserved and dried plums and longan flavored ginger candy
  • 248 Farmer’s Market – Sundried fruits and milk candy
  • ÖKOGREEN – Fare Trade coffee
  • Home of the eco-friendly farmers – pesticide-free fruits

Note: About Permacultural Design
A central theme in permaculture is the design of ecological landscapes that produces food whereby harmonious existence between human and nature is made possible. It features preservation, collection and use of the five native resources – water, energy, soil, plants and know-how of the local people. In addition, its designs are committed to the development of sustainability, planning, implementation of planning and site management approaches.

Translated by Emerald Chang



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